Chantelle French Lingerie

Chantelle is the largest French lingerie company in the world and specializes in crafting lingerie that is Parisian, bold and spontaneous. Embellishments of lace, embroidery and luxurious fabrics give a couture look while maintaining a level of comfort. During the beginning of 'Ready to Wear' fashion, Chantelle was the first to create elasticized fabric that was stretchable in two directions. The brand prides itself on their efforts in listening to the innovative, working women of the world and credits their success to the search for elegance and well-being. One of our most popular Chantelle styles, the Merci Demi Lace Bra, comes in nude, black and white as well as fashion colors which are introduced twice a year.  The bras go up to a G cup. A few of our other favorite Chantelle styles include the 1112 Irresistible Push Up and the Rive Gauche Demi T-Shirt Bra.